Sineco can offer modern waste collection systems through its official distributor agreement with Ecocontrol GSM. Ecocontrol GSM designs and manufactures multiple solutions for waste collection within the IoT platform. The waste collection points can be tailored exactly to the local requirements. The high level of automation allows to timely follow the filling rate of the bins for the different fractions.

The information collected can be exchanged seamlessly through the integrated management software. Their accurate analysis offers the possibility to plan the collection routes ahead, savings costs and reducing GHG emissions. In addition, the external look of the collection systems can be customized according to the installation context increasing the sense of order and tidiness in the surrounding environment.


Throughout the past years, Sineco has developed the RHEA technology for composting in closed reactors. The RHEA technology allows to closely follow the composting process across its specific phases. In the RHEA closed vessels, the rate of the organic matter degradation is automatically monitored and calibrated according to the desired end-product characteristics with the aid of the RHEA software.

The flexibility of the RHEA closed vessels offers the possibility to successfully treat any kind of organic waste. The team of Sineco designs the whole composting plant including the pre-treatment phase when it is required. Sineco can also assist the clients during in operating the plant ensuring that the end-products obtained can meet the most stringent requirements. The ultimate goal is to create a wide range of organic soil amendments directly from organic waste.


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